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Considering Senior Living?

November 27, 2016

Dear Curtis,

My family and I have decided that it’s time to place my Dad in assisted living. He is no longer able to function safely alone. What should we look for when deciding on the best place for him?

—Linda in Lawrenceville

Dear Linda,

Be prepared and have a written list of questions to ask. All facilities are different and the search to find the best place for Dad can be confusing. Here are some questions to ask as you make visits:

  1. What is the current staff to resident ratio?
  2. Describe the level of experience and training your staff has.
  3. How many are on duty at night?
  4. Can your staff administer and oversee prescriptions to residents?
  5. Is there a registered nurse and/or PA on staff 24/7?
  6. What is your experience with the physical and mental issues my loved one has?
  7. Do you have an initial assessment prior to admitting? What does this include?
  8. What types of apartments and rooms are available?
  9. What is your policy if it doesn’t work out for my loved one at your facility?
  10. What is the price range for your type of facility?
  11. Is the monthly price all inclusive?
  12.   If there is a wait list, how many are on it and what is your policy?
  13. Tell me about some of the current residents.
  14. Would it be possible for me to talk with some of them?
  15. What types of activities do you offer to engage residents?
  16. Are visitors encouraged? Can they join them at meal times on occasion?
  17. Do you have outdoor space?
  18. Are additional resources available if the needs of my loved one changes?

Linda, this is not everything, but asking many of these questions will give you a feel for the place. Also notice the overall state of the facility, availability of light, dining and living space, etc.  …..Don’t go alone. Bring a trusted friend or family member with you who might catch things you miss. Trust your instincts after you meet with the directors and staff. You will know when you find the “right home” for Dad.

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